Sunday, March 9, 2014

In the beginning...

I started this process of finding where my family is from several months ago with one goal in mind - be able to tell my father exactly where he came from.  My dad is one proud Irish man and I wanted to tell him exactly where in Ireland his ancestors were born.  This journey has taken me to places I could never have imagined and I am but an infant in this vast world of research.  I am so overwhelmed I have decided to take this research out of my head and computer and onto the big screen where I can hopefully compose my thoughts into one giant blog and I can finally follow my train of thought in this process.  I know want to travel to places I never even thought of to find homes, graves and records to add to my research so I can hand my father a gift.  The exact location of where his family originated.


  1. Hi, Julie. Welcome to GeneaBloggers! That's a beautiful photo of the Irish coast.

    Tim Bailey
    Genealogy Universe

  2. Hi Julie Welcome to the world of geneablogging. I will follow your blog with great interest.

  3. Hi Julie!

    Welcome to Geneabloggers! I like your blog's name! ;-) I'm relatively new too as I've been doing this for less than a year (about 1 post a week, sometimes two. I find it helps me clarify my research and, I like telling stories. I hope that you have fun with it too.

  4. Welcome aboard Geneabloggers. What a wonderful Idea and gift for your dad as you take this journey. I have recently found that I may have ancestors from county cavan Ireland that relocated to the Danish West Indies I would be grateful.

  5. Hi Julie and welcome to Geneabloggers! I started researching my Irish roots at my Dad's request and it's been very rewarding. I don't think he ever imagined that I'd keep going as long as I have. Good luck with your search and have fun!